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Explore the Wonders of Egypt

Welcome to Desert Dreams, your travel company for exploring the breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural history of Egypt. From the iconic pyramids, and ancient temples, to the beautiful Red Sea cost and the majestic Nile river. We believe that every rider deserves to experience the joy and magic of riding a Baladi horse. So come and join us for an adventure of a lifetime and prepare yourself to fall in love with these horses. You will be amazed by their beauty and inspired by their spirit. Whether it is a short ride or longer tour, our horses and guides are sure to leave you with unforgettable memories. Our team is dedicated to providing a truly unique and unforgettable experience for horse lovers and adventure seekers alike. With our expertly trained horses and knowledgeable guides, you'll have the opportunity to explore the stunning desert landscape of Egypt on horseback.

So come and join us at Desert Dreams for the trip of a lifetime. We can't wait to show you all that Egypt has to offer.

Dream work makes the team work

When a team of passionate horse lovers come together, the possibilities become endless. From skilled trainers to masterful riders, compassionate caretakers, we bring together a harmonious blend of talents. This collaboration ensures that our horses receive the best care. We strive to spread our passion for horses. We understand that every individual has unique strengths. We celebrate these differences, and by empowering each other we can achieve great things.


Let me introduce everyone in a couple of words. Mohamed who is the master of the horses, his knowledge regarding training and understanding horses is incredible. 

Agnes was a veterinary nurse before, and she tends to come home with new animals time to time. 

Ahmed is the proud owner of beautiful Amir and we nicknamed him Ahmed model, as he always ready to take a picture. His love and care towards horses and guest is exceptional. 

Hamdee is always full of joy, his positive energy and jokes makes us smile even the hardest days. 

Ibrahim is a young gentleman, but we definitely cannot call him  lazy, he always looking for something to tidy up. He is really hardworking . 

There is another Ibrahim which we call the strong Ibrahim, his physical power is very impressive and he never seems to look tired. 

Metawa joined us not long ago, he is learning very fast and enjoy spending time with his new companions.

When Agnes first visited Egypt, she felt that these amazing individuals work so hard and have so much love to give to horses and to guests who visiting the country. They would welcome you into their homes and treat you like a family member without hesitation. We created our little family here in the stable, and we look forward to welcome you and make you feel like a part of this family. 

We don`t just look at this place as a stable. This is a place we built all of us together from scratch, we made it as a home to our horses, and where we spend our time even when we are not working. It always reminds us, that when good people come together they can create magic. 


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