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Rescue Horses

We welcomed to our stable 2 new horses, they are in a pretty bad shape. Unfortunetaly we see a lot of misstreated animals. We cannot, help them all, but when we are in a position we try to buy horses which needs help. We hope these 2 horses with love, care and food they gonna get better mentally and phisically. We named the stallion Mahzuz which means lucky, and the grey mare got the name of Zouina which means nice and beautiful. Mahzuz is very very skinny and Zouina has a big open wound in her back. We will update you regarding their recoveries. Cannot wait to see the progress over the next weeks. 



Welcome to the world Aladdin! This young little gentleman arrived on 12 October. He stood up so fast and immediately went to explore the paddock, a real adventurer. May he will have a happy and long life. When we got her mother in 2022 December little did we know that we gonna have a surprise baby. Looking forward to seeing this young fellow to grow up. Aladdin is growing up and started to changing his color to grey.


Equestrian Photographer joined our Luxor tour

We have just welcomed a highly talented professional equestrian potographer. We couldn't be more thrilled about having someone of such expertise capturing the beauty of our magnificent horses. Stay tuned for the updates and sneek peeks of these amazing photographs. I cannot wait to share it with you all. 

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